Protect yourself from malicious cyber threats.


Laurentian Policies

Laurentian does not allow you to share your password.


Protect Your Identity

IT will never ask you to confirm
your identity in an email.


Smart storage and sharing options.

Protect your research with Laurentian approved data storage and sharing.

If you suspect malicious emails, links, messages, attachments, behaviours, or other, do not open them. If you have been compromised, please report immediately!

On average, Laurentian University sees

new threats per second
spams per day
successful spam attack every other month

Protecting Your Identity

Protecting your identity at Laurentian is critical. Learn how your identity can be compromised through phishing and ransomware, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Protecting Your Data

Ensure your work and research is protected with Laurentian approved data storage and sharing practices, and become informed of the threats of phishing and ransomware.

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Protecting Your Devices

Protect your devices such as your computer, tablet, and mobile phone with Laurentian supported operating systems, proper virus protection, safe updates, and software installation tips.

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