Protect Your Data

Your data is important and must be protected.


Confidential information must be stored in a safe and Laurentian approved place and method. Specifically:

  • Store confidential Laurentian information in approved locations per the Policy on Managing Confidential Digital Information. Note that Laurentian forbids storage of any confidential information in any locations except as approved by the policy.
  • Do not store any confidential information on a mobile storage device unless it is encrypted by Laurentian.
  • Do not insert a foreign USB stick in your computer! The USB stick may have a Trojan that installs on your computer unknowingly.

Data Sharing Good Practices

Sharing of any type of data is a reality, be it by email, usb stick, the cloud and so on. But not all means are safe and Laurentian has a policy about the do’s, the dont’s and the not recommended.

Laurentian University Approved Storage

Authorized Storage, Most Secure

  1. Colleague, Records Management System, Self -Service, Webadvisor, CROA, Synoptix*, Tableau*, Fusion
  2. LUNET, REDCAP, T/U Drive, myLaurentian
  3. LU Secure FS
  4. LU Google Drive, D2L, LimeSurvey, LU Gmail, Romeo

* Used for aggregate data

Authorized Temporary Storage, Least Secure (no more than 5 days)

  1. Desktop
  2. Portable Computer
  3. Mobile Device, USB

Unauthorized, Least Secure

  1. Gmail, Hotmail, Live
  2. Google, iCloud
  3. Dropbox, SurveyMonkey

When in doubt, contact IT.