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Experience the McEwen School of Architecture

If you want to be bold and creative, join us! Study with our new faculty who have come to Sudbury from Waterloo, Carleton, Ryerson, University of Calgary, McGill, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Dalhousie. Participate in an innovative co-op program where you will work in diverse industries and travel to do paid internships all over the globe. Build a portfolio of exciting and innovative design-build projects where you will train your hands as well as your imagination. Learn from Elders at the School of Architecture, and begin the process of life-long learning in a tri-cultural program that is unique in all of Canada.

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Unique features of the program:

  • Extensive practical applications through Design Studio;
  • Ongoing Design-Build and Community-Design projects;
  • Design studio, electives and work-term experienced offered in French;
  • 26 week (two x 13 weeks) paid co-op internship experience;
  • Inclusion of individual cultural backgrounds, including Ontario Francophone, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit course content;
  • Access to Elders-in-residence
  • Unique tri-cultural architecture curriculum where you will experience the spectacular northern Ontario landscape;
  • A new facility comprised of 4 buildings forming a courtyard that will offer unique teaching opportunities regarding building performance and sustainability;
  • Projects will include building ice-fishing huts and making birch bark canoes in first and second year;
  • Enrolment is limited to 70 students per year.

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