How the McEwen School will change our world

Architecture and design changes the world we live in and how we interact with our environment; well-designed spaces and places improve a community’s well-being and health.

Graduates will have the potential to work within communities and provide innovative design solutions for housing and settlement patterns.

This new type of architect will work to maximize efficiencies in energy conservation, stimulate economic activity, shift focus to more renewable building materials, and design landscapes in a meaningful and respectful fashion.

Architectural rendering of the exterior of the McEwen School of Architecture
LIBRARY WING AND GREENWAY The Library Wing is clad in a vertical pattern of CLT panels and cedar siding, echoing the rhythm and parallax of trees in the Boreal Forest. The design of this wing is also informed by Cedric Price’s concept of the “free plan” – a highly- flexible space that can adapt to future needs by using long-span flooring and an interstitial mechanical space. Photo supplied by LGA Architectural Partners.
Architectural rendering of the interior studio space in the McEwen School of Architecture
CASCADING STUDIOS A super-insulated skin is stretched over the Studio Wing, evoking the colours of the Northern sky. The interior is a series of cascading studio sections, forming a tiered landscape. The resulting spaces offer a diversity of views that, collectively, connect the student body into a larger community. Photo supplied by LGA architectural partners.
Interior of Architecture building
Photo supplied by LGA Architectural Partners.
Exterior of building during the winter
Photo supplied by LGA Architectural Partners.

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From Tree Forts to Medieval European Homes

Ever since he can remember, Christopher Baziw has dreamed of becoming an architect.

“Architecture has always been a passion and love of mine,” he said. “I was one of those kids who loved to play with Legos and was lucky enough to have parents that trusted me to build a tree fort out of lumber in my backyard.”

Christopher Baziw

Now entering his third year at the Laurentian University McEwen School of Architecture, Baziw is working toward his goal and being recognized for his efforts.  He has been presented with the Peddler’s Pub Architecture Award, established by longtime downtown Sudbury business owners and strong Laurentian University supporters, the Gainer family.  The award recognizes students who demonstrate technical knowledge in their design work while maintaining a high grade point average.

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