University of Sudbury Faces Labour Disruption

By July 23, 2015news

The Laurentian University Faculty Association (LUFA) at the University of Sudbury could be forced into a lock-out or strike position prior to September.

“All our proposals are consistent with collective agreements throughout the province, including the other federated universities here on campus,” said Réal Fillion, chief negotiator for LUFA.

The administration of the University of Sudbury filed for conciliation in early July. A meeting with provincial conciliator Diane Bull was scheduled for July 20, but while LUFA’s bargaining team came prepared to continue negotiations, the University of Sudbury indicated through a representative that it was requesting that the Ministry of Labour move both parties towards a lock-out or strike position in mid-August, despite scheduled talks with a private mediator on July 25.

“LUFA remains committed to the bargaining process, to preserve the quality of education at the University of Sudbury and to avoid any disruption to the academic year,” indicated Anis Farah, President of LUFA. “But the union has the full support of its membership, which granted it a 100% strike mandate in light of the Employer’s actions.”

The University of Sudbury offers five programs, all of them leading to a Laurentian University degree.

“There is an increasing gap in the conditions of permanent and contract academic staff at the University of Sudbury compared to other universities, including the other federated partners of Laurentian University, right here on the same campus,” continued Farah.

For more information, please contact Anis Farah at 705 677-4918 or 705 675-1151 ext 4290

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