Laurentian Librarian to receive Distinguished Service Award

By December 9, 2015news

LUFA is pleased to announce that one of its members, Mr. Ashley Thomson, will be given the CAUT Academic Librarians’ Distinguished Service Award. The CAUT Council at its recent meeting voted unanimously in favour of giving him the award, which will be presented at the Spring Council in April.

The award recognizes the outstanding contributions to the advancement of the status and working conditions of academic librarians and archivists in Canadian universities and colleges.

Mr. Thomson’s major contribution came with the negotiations for the first collective agreement at Laurentian where, as Chief Negotiator, he convinced his teaching faculty colleagues and the administration to give faculty status to librarians.  The award committee recognized this achievement as “an enormous breakthrough that opened the way for associations to press for equal rights for academic librarians and archivists across Canada. The agreement remains a landmark in higher education.”

It is important to point out that Mr. Thomson’s contributions to LUFA and the community have also been quite significant.  These include his service as Vice-President, member of the Board of Directors, member of the Executive, communications officer and member of several negotiating committees.  Additionally, Ashley has been involved in charitable organizations such as the United Way and the Children’s Aid Society where he was President.

LUFA congratulates Ashley on this prestigious award and concludes by quoting from the award committee’s citation:

“Ashley Thomson’s longstanding commitment to improving the status and working conditions of academic librarians and archivists at the local, regional and national levels has led to a legacy of service, advocacy and accomplishment that makes him superbly suited to receive the CAUT Academic Librarians’ Distinguished Service Award.”

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