Laurentian University Retirees Health Benefit Plan

As part of the briefing by Human Resources for their retirement package, faculty receive a selection of providers for health care and other benefits, including medical prescriptions, dental care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, travel insurance, and various paramedical services, to ensure retirees enjoy a prosperous, and healthy, life style after their career at Laurentian.  Depending on the plan selected, a monthly premium is paid to the selected provider, which will cover a percentage of medical and other health costs incurred.

DID YOU KNOW that the Retirees Health Benefit Plan, offered to Laurentian retirees, will reimburse you for a portion of your annual health provider premiums?  IN ADDITION, the non-reimbursed portion of your premiums can be deducted from your annual income tax return, under Medical expenses.

 When you get your receipt from your health plan provider, usually between in February, make a copy to submit with your tax return, and bring or send the original to the attention of:

Julie Larivière
Human Resources & Organizational Development

Parker Tower, 10th floor

Laurentian University

935 Ramsey Lake Road

Sudbury, Ontario

P3E 2C6

Login to LUNET,  Your username and password are identical to your email login and your library account login.

Under “Administrative Departments”, select “Human Resources & Organizational Development”, and then “Retirees Health Benefit Plan”.  Choose “Requisition for Reimbursement”, which displays a summary of benefits for the groups and institutions covered by the RHBP for the most recent year of coverage, July through June.  At the top, click on the “CREATE A NEW REQUISITION FOR REIMBURSEMENT UNDER RETIREES HEALTH BENEFIT PLAN, and fill in the personal information requested.  Choose “LUFA” as the entitlement group, and fill in the period for which the reimbursement is being requested, e.g. Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2017: the receipt from your provider will normally be for a calendar year.  Click on “Save and proceed to next step”.

A summary of the entered personal information appears, together with your employee number, which appears on your library ID card.  Enter the name of your provider, and the amount given on the receipt, and the amount of your reimbursement appears.

We strongly recommend that the request for reimbursement be completed online, as this facilitates the quick processing of the amount to which you are entitled under the RHBP, as a direct deposit to your bank account, within a week to ten days.

Report from the Committee on Emeritus/a Professorship to the
Regular May 2011 Meeting of Senate


THAT SENATE approve the revised policy and procedures for the appointment of Emeritus/a Professors.


The Committee on Emeritus/a Professorship reviewed the policy and privileges associated with the title of Professor Emeritus to ensure that Laurentian’s policy is in line with other institutions. At the same time, since the policy was last approved in June 2001 there have been changes in technology, the collective agreement and University policies.  Hence, there was a need to align the policy with current practices and agreements.

Policy and Procedures

Upon retirement, a Full Professor or a Full Librarian who has served Laurentian University in a full-time tenure position for at least five years and in good academic standing shall be awarded the title of Professor Emeritus or Professor Emerita or Librarian Emeritus or Librarian Emerita of this University, the title to be held for life.

Notwithstanding the above, Associate Professors or Associate Librarians who have served Laurentian University in a full-time tenure position for at least ten years and in good academic standing and who are considered to have made outstanding contributions to the University through their scholarly activity and/or teaching/library service and/or community work, may be nominated for Emeritus status in the final year of their employment.  Emeritus status for Associates is appropriate for individuals who have demonstrated an exceptionally strong profile in one or two of the areas of achievement such that, even though they may not have fulfilled the requirement for Full Professor/Librarian, they are nevertheless deserving of special recognition.

Such cases should be based upon a dossier of supporting evidence and a recommendation from the member’s academic/library unit.  The final decision, based on the dossier, will be taken by the Committee on Emeritus Professorship and reported to Senate.


The same privileges as awarded to our retired full-time faculty members as per the Collective Agreement PLUS the following additional privileges:

  1. The formal awarding of their certificate and a high rank in academic processions.
  2. Free parking upon request by the professor emeritus/a, librarian emeritus/a.
  3. Free business cards upon request by the professor emeritus/a, librarian emeritus/a.
  4. Emeritus status is recognized by the Tri-Councils.

Approved at the June 2001 meeting of Senate
Revised by the Committee on Emeritus Professorship for approval at the May 2011 Senate