Andy Cowling

Title: sgr_a reflex (2022)

In May, 2022, at least for a moment, we were absolved of our sins as the outline of the amoral face of pure consumption at the center of our galaxy was revealed to us.  Reflecting back to us the macro and the micro forms of our existence, its gravitational forces consume, distort, and deform all known structures, sounds, and rhythms.  As a result of this warping, familiar musical elements are deterritorialized to create new forms, but they simultaneously run the risk of collapsing into their own black holes of signification. As black holes are both galactic destroyers and creators, this is a space of creation/desire and death/destruction. Ultimately, the outside observer can not see when one falls into a black hole. For the outside observer, the person falling appears to slow down and eventually stand still. From the perspective of the falling person though, their experience of time is unchanged.  Their descent is rapid and violent.  In the end, time is fractured in the distance between the observer and the participant, simultaneously being crushed in the infinite density of the blackhole and also perpetually existing, frozen at the edge of the event horizon.

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