Brian Fridge

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Vault Sequence no.10 (excerpt)

Sequence 8.2, 11.6 

“Since everything exists on the same plane of immanence, it is not a matter of dispensing with or changing the conditions of the cosmic age, or our milieu, but of what we do with it.” (Janae Sholtz, The Invention of a People. Heidegger and Deleuze on Art and the Political, Edinburgh University Press, 2015, p. 242)

Plane of Immanence is one of the many illuminating concepts of Gilles Deleuze. Here, in the absence of hierarchy, an individual’s expression can coexist with the multiplicity of expressions. Working with readily available materials and indoor lighting, my lens-based videos are recorded on a domestic scale. Here, investigations into light, matter, space, and time are determined by a place consistent with human size and human habit.