Douglas Ord

A Schizo-Philosopher’s Colouring Book, Guernica Editions (MiroLand), 2018, 114 pages. ISBN: 9781771832960

A Schizo-Philosopher’s Colouring Book is a playful experiment in what the philosopher Gilles Deleuze might call “crowned anarchy.” The crown of authority is worn by the format “colouring book,” in a style that repeats with difference. Anarchy enters via a swarm of figures from philosophical, literary, theological, anthropological, and art history, each with a quotation. These distribute themselves over fifty two drawings –one for each week of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun!–, producing little machines that are desirous of colour and driven by paradox, whose “organization of surface … assures the resonance between two series.”
Cosmologically, the book also illustrates a way, not only to rethink the relationship between childhood and adult life on Earth, but it also makes of the arts a peculiar voyage in a space/time which breaks with familiar representations. The book provides an opportunity for the artist-reader to undergo a journey into parallel universes strangely linked with “this world.” The book is also a mental escape into a chaosmos filled with intriguing connections and intensities.

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