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Student Life & Success

Invent, innovate, conceptualize, and create new ways to make the world a better place.

Become part of an organization of professionals with a rich history. Answer the call to be an engineer and work toward a common goal.

Choose your area of focus from three degrees: chemical, mechanical and mining engineering.

Study at the School of Engineering and benefit from a growing reputation and enrolment. Laurentian also has the highest post-graduation employment rate in Ontario at 98%. Take advantage of a strong, supportive network of employers willing to offer hands-on experience.

We prepare students to excel

Over the past two years alone, enrolment has surpassed the most ambitious projections with year over year increases of 60%. The School’s reputation is growing in leaps and bounds as our students demark themselves in various engineering events such as:

  • 2022 Over the Dusty Moon – 1st Place winners
  • 2021 Canadian Mining Games – 2nd Place winners
  • 2017 Intercollegiate Mines Emergency Response Development (MERD) competition in Golden, Colorado
  • 2016 Ontario Engineering Competition – Senior Design Category and Consulting Category (winners)
  • 2015 Canadian Engineering Competition – Junior and Senior Design Category (winners)
  • 2015 Ontario Engineering Competition – Junior Design Category (winners)
  • 2014 Ontario Engineering Competition – Senior Design Category (winners)
  • 2013 Baja Competition
  • Canadian Mining Games – 2012 / 2009 / 2005 / 2004 / 2002 / 2000 / 1999 / 1994 (winners)
  • 2012 NASA Robotic Mining Competition
  • 2011 NASA Robotic Mining Competition – 1st place winners
  • 2010 Canadian Engineering Competition – Senior Design Category (winners)
  • 2010 Ontario Engineering Competition – Senior Design Category (winners)

The engineering profession in Canada contributes in a major way to the economic and general well-being of society through the practical application of science towards inventions and the development of goods and services. The success of the program is most significantly measured by the value attributed to our graduates. Over the past decade, the School has developed and maintained a strong, supportive network of employers who continue to enthusiastically integrate our students within their workforce.

Post-graduation, our students have equally bright prospects: Laurentian University holds the highest post-graduation employment rate in Ontario at 95%, an accomplishment which speaks to both the quality of our programs, and the career opportunities available to the  right graduates in the Canadian and global workplace. The School’s post-graduation employment rates have consistently outpaced the provincial trend as the region’s resource-based economy is the perfect learning environment for chemical, mechanical and mining engineers.

The Student Handbook contains important information to the Engineering students. All students are encouraged to reference this handbook as much as possible to better understand the B.Eng programs at LU.