Engineering is a self-regulating profession whose practice is governed by provincial and territorial statutes and has contributed in a major way to the economic and general well-being of society. It encompasses the practical application of science to the production of goods and services that benefit society.

Laurentian University offers Engineering degrees in Chemical, Mechanical, and Mining Engineering.  We can advise you on transfer options for upper years at another institution, but credit transfer is ultimately at the discretion of the receiving institution.

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Engineering Science – Fast Track (M.Eng.)

This unique Engineering degree helps you differentiate from other Bachelor of Engineering graduates. With the possibility of completing it in only one year, you can bolster your career with a plan for advancement.

This Master’s degree is course-based. The degree focuses on technical skills within Engineering and will provide you with the fundamentals for progression throughout your career as an Engineer.

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Mining Engineering

The School of Engineering offers a Mining Engineering program (co-op option available to those who qualify) focused on design, development, operation and management of mines and associated technology for the safe, economical extraction of valuable, mineral-bearing ore bodies. There is emphasis on underground, hard rock, open pit and metalliferous mining.

Mining Engineering Student Handbook

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Chemical Engineering

The School of Engineering offers a Chemical Engineering General program, as well as specialized options in Extractive Metallurgy/Mineral Processing and Environmental Sustainability (co-op options available). Courses are focused on organic chemistry, statistics and chemical processes and reactions among other subjects

Chemical Engineering Student Handbook

Flow Chart for General Chemical Option

Flow Chart for Extractive Metallury Option

Flow Chart for Environmental Sustainability

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Mechanical Engineering

The School of Engineering offers a Mechanical Engineering General program, as well as a specialized option in Mechatronics (co-op option available). This is a profession concerned with machines that perform a variety of tasks involving mechanical work and energy conversion; this includes conversion of chemical, solar, nuclear or hydraulic energy into mechanical work through various engines and power plants. Mechatroncis is an interdisciplinary field combining mechanical, electrical, computer and systems engineering with the main objective of designing integrated intelligent systems. LIMITED ENROLLMENT: 54 student capacity entering first year

Mechanical Engineering Student Handbook

Courses Path

Mechatronics Option

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Students wanting more information on the co-op program should consult Co-op for Students.

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