“Our family has chosen to invest in Laurentian University because it has an impressive track record and inspiring leadership. We know that our gift will help unlock its incredible potential. I’ve trained and worked as a mining engineer and I really enjoyed giving lectures and interacting with engineering students at Laurentian. I see a huge demand for engineers over the coming decade and want to make a difference in the quality of the education available to the next generation of students. My family and I look forward to seeing the Bharti School of Engineering thrive as it enhances the student experience and continues to respond to industry needs.”

-Stan Bharti


In November 2011, the School of Engineering received a generous $10 million donation from Mr. Stan Bharti, chairman and CEO of Forbes & Manhattan which in turn became the Bharti School of Engineering.

Mr. Bharti is a professional mining engineer, business consultant, international financier, and seasoned entrepreneur. He has more than 30 years’ professional experience in business, finance, markets, operations and more. His focus has been the mining, agriculture and energy sectors. He has been pivotal in the acquirement, financing, restructuring and building of dozens of struggling companies and bright startups throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

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