Co-op for Students

Employers wanting more information on the co-op program should consult Co-op for Employers.

What is co-op?

Co-op is an opportunity for students to get paid workplace experience with an employer in their field. Students that complete four or more work-terms before they graduate are eligible for a co-op designation on their degree.

Why should I participate in co-op?

The job market is extremely competitive. When you graduate, you will be competing for jobs with all the other new grads from all the engineering schools across the country. Therefore, you want to do everything you can while you are still a student to set yourself up for success.

Co-op work experience is a great way to distinguish yourself because you can put almost two years of work experience on your resume. Co-op work terms also introduce you to people in your field who can mentor you, help you to find employment opportunities, and serve as references when you apply for full-time jobs.

When do I complete these work terms?

Students can complete 4-, 8-, 12- or 16-month work terms after the completion of second year. The timing of placements depends on when opportunities are available, but may look something like the following:


All work terms must be completed before your final academic term. Consecutive work terms do not need to be completed with a single employer.

How do I join the co-op program?

To be eligible for the co-op program, you must have completed a minimum of 30 credits within your engineering program, be in good academic standing, and have a GPA of 3.5 or greater. Application instructions are typically sent out in September so that you can begin looking for work terms beginning the following summer. Please contact the Co-op Coordinator ( for more information.