Student Life & Success

Ontario and Canadian Engineering Competitions

Our students took home the title in Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC):

  • 2009 – Junior Design Category
  • 2010 – Senior Design Category
  • 2014 – Senior Design Category
  • 2015 – Junior Design Category (Senior Design team took 2nd place)
  • 2016 – Senior Design Category and Consulting Engineering Category

Our students took home the title in Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC):

  • 2010 – Senior Design Category
  • 2015 – Junior and Senior Design Category
  • Winners of 2011 NASA Robotic Mining competition in Florida
  • Winners of 2017 National Collegiate Mine Emergency Response Development (Mine Rescue) in Colorado.

Canadian Mining Games

LU mining students compete yearly in the Canadian Mining Games competition. They have taken home the championships in 1994, 1999, 2000,2002, 2004, 2005, 2009 and most recently in 2012.

Student Clubs

LUESS (Laurentian University Engineering Student Society)

LUESS is your student body representation. They are a council of 6 members that are voted in at the end of the academic year and they administer LUESS itself. LUESS’s mandate is to provide the engineering student body with academic, professional and social engagements. They plan and organize student events, sell t-shirts and jackets, etc. and represent engineering students in all other aspects. LUESS is chosen by the student body and work to make your experience as a future engineer as good as it can be.

LUChEC (Laurentian University Chemical Engineering Chapter)

LUChEC is run by a group of executives who are elected by members of the Chapter. As a Chapter, we strive to deliver the best experience for Chemical Engineering students of all years at LU. The Chapter organizes events and plans tours to local industrial areas so that students may gain insight into local industries that employ Chemical engineers. The Chapter is responsible for raising funds for such events, as well as promoting inter-discipline social gatherings. Social and educational networking is promoted through the Chapter. Becoming a member of the Chapter gives you access to events, tours, fun social gatherings, games and various competitions throughout the school year with tons of prizes to be won and occasional free food. Joining the Chapter also provides you an outlet to showcase your talents and meet new people.

MetSoc (Metallurgical Society)

The LU Metallurgical Engineering student society is a division of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). We are a collection of students with a shared interest in the metallurgical processes. Throughout the year, you can expect tours of mines, mills, smelters, refineries and more. Twice a semester, we hold social events for students and professors. If you are interested in learning more about MetSoc, visit our Facebook page at MetSoc Laurentian.

LUVRC (Laurentian University Voyageur Racing Club)

The Laurentian University Voyageur Racing Club (LUVRC) is a group of Engineering students that organize to design, build, then race an off-road buggy in a SAE Baja competition against other universities from around the world! Limited to 100 competing universities, the SAE competitions consist of everything from design challenges to a 4 hour endurance race.

It is the ultimate real world design competition that puts students, their designs and buggies to the test!