2012 Conference

Third poverty, homeless and migration conference

21-23 November 2014

Poverty, Homelessness and Migration (PHM) is hosting its Third Conference on November 22nd, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and November 23rd, 9 a.m. to noon. This free event will be held at the Willet Green Miller Building at Laurentian University.

Second annual conference

20-22 February 2012

Cree village Ecolodge,  Moose Factory, Ontario

Community partners and team members met again to share their knowledge, experiences and projects. The conference opened with a performance from the High Ridge Singers, a youth drum group from Moose Cree First Nation. The Mayor of Moosonee, Victor Mitchell, gave the opening address.

The opening ceremony was followed by a prescreening of the documentary about the life of George Stephen, a formerly homeless person who has shared his story and experiences with PHM. Wayne Neegan, Community Research Coordinator with PHM, who recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts, produced Tomorrow Isn’t Promised. University researchers made presentations about the various activities that PHM had conducted over the previous year. Various community members also presented the findings or project plans of projects that they were conducting.
As well as becoming acquainted with Moose Factory Island and the town of Moosonee, team members visited the Ga Beh Shoo In Aboriginal Men’s Shelter in Cochrane and the Good Samaritan Inn  in South Porcupine. The conference was also an opportunity for partners from various communities to meet and exchange ideas and information. It also strengthened relations between community and university partners; university researchers became more aware of community challenges and community partners gained a greater understanding of the Poverty, Homelessness and Migration project.

First Annual Conference

13-14 November 2010

Université de Hearst, Timmins, Ontario

Community partners gave presentations on the challenges that poverty, homelessness and migration pose in their communities. The University researchers made presentations about past project activities and sought community input into the nature and conduct of forthcoming research at the community level. Conference participants also had the opportunity to visit the Good Samaritan Inn, a local shelter for homeless people, and to engage in an extensive discussion with Ed Ligocki, it’s Executive Director, about the services offered and the nature of the clients served. These types of exchanges help to build rapport among community and university partners.