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Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre

The Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre (ISLC), led by Director Shelly Moore-Frappier, houses Indigenous Students Affairs. The ISLC, which officially opened on June 21, 2017, enhances cultural, social and supports academics for Indigenous learners. The Centre serves as a resource for Indigenous student success by achieving objectives set out in Laurentian’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.

The Indigenous Student Affairs’ team strives to ensure a positive learning environment in a manner consistent with the Indigenous worldview. It is our intention to increase accessibility and retention, as well as enhance the academic experience of students of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit ancestry at Laurentian University.

Contact Information for the ISLC

Director: Shelly Moore-Frappier  ext. 4050  |

Secretary: Amy Comanda  ext. 4052 |

Traditional Resources:

Indigenous Student Counsellor: Cynthia Belfitt  ext. 1048  |

Indigenous Community Outreach, Recruitment and Support Services Officer:  ext. 3413 |

Métis Outreach Coordinator: Bobbi Aubin  ext. 4051  |

Learning Strategist: Rena Daviau  ext. 3057  |

Auntie: Gail Charbonneau  ext. 1051  |