Why the Canadian Journal of Tropical Geography? Although the editorial offering in the field of tropical geography is abundant as seen through the many journals on geography and related disciplines, there is no geographical journal in Canada, in French or English, focused specifically on the tropical environment. The Canadian Journal of Tropical Geography aims to fill this void, namely this knowledge and scientific production space, by providing, through the contribution of authors, theoretical and practical considerations of high scientific level. The Journal is keen to position itself as a forum for discussion open to all researchers in geography or other areas, including teachers, professors and students, who are interested in the tropical space, be it tropical geography or else tropical issues.

The Journal is at the service of researchers, teachers, professors, students and all those interested in tropical geography or tropical issues.

Consequently, the Journal will focus on several geography-related themes such as:

  • Climatology,
  • Biogeography,
  • Hydrology,
  • Geomorphology,
  • Cartography,
  • Remote sensing,
  • Environment,
  • Cultural geography,
  • Economic geography,
  • Urban planning,
  • Regional planning,
  • Urban geography,
  • Geopolitics,
  • Sustainable development,
  • Rural development,
  • Regional development,
  • Transport,
  • Demographics,
  • Population and health.

A biannual journal, the CJTG will publish online original work, written in French or English, dealing with tropical themes. The editorial board, reviewers and authors are from various countries and regions just as the reach of the Journal will be international.