Thank you for attending the Sudbury Protocol Conference. Laurentian University is moving forward with developing a Research Plan that will address the scientifically significant and globally important question, “How did Sudbury do it?”

Over the past 40 years, Sudbury has been transformed from an industrially damaged environment to the envy of the world — a green city with rich experience of environmental recovery and restoration, a dynamic centre of excellence for research and innovation, and a sustainable model of economic development.

The Sudbury Protocol Project was conceived out of the need to answer the scientifically significant and globally important question, “How did Sudbury do it?” Despite many opinions and anecdotal evidence that Sudbury has seen significant success as a direct result of the last 40 years of regreening, there is not a systematic approach or an implementable operating procedure for duplicating our successes to share with other communities.

Thus the idea of a “Sudbury Protocol” came to fruition with the goal of transferring our positive experiences and understanding to those places that may wish to learn from us.

It’s now time to take Sudbury’s success to the world.  Laurentian University and its partners will examine and summarize the important lessons and successful experience Sudbury has had over the last 4 decades and present them to a global audience.

The Sudbury Protocol Conference 2016

The conference featured speakers and participants from academia, government, NGOs, industry and community groups to address the contributions to Sudbury’s success from the following key perspectives:

  1. Government and Legislative
  2. Economic and Financial
  3. Research and Innovation
  4. Industy, Labour and Occupational Health Perspective
  5. Community and First Nations

The conference goal was to be the springboard to identify the key elements of the Sudbury Protocol project (research themes, research teams, research times, and research funding), rally support and mobilize participants to begin building the Sudbury Protocol.

Hosted in Greater Sudbury, ON

The conference was hosted by Laurentian University.  It was held throughout the city with sessions at Laurentian University’s Vale Living with Lakes Centre, Dynamic Earth and Science North.

The Sudbury Protocol Conference 2016

May 9–11, 2016

Dynamic Earth

122 Big Nickel Mine Dr.

Science North

100 Ramsey Lake Rd.

Vale Living with Lakes Centre
at Laurentian University

840 Ramsey Lake Rd.


The Sudbury Protocol

The Sudbury Story: Re-greening Science to the Sudbury Region

Sudbury Protocol Conference Program

Over 160 people from academia, all levels of government, NGOs, industry and community groups attended the three-day conference on May 9th to 11th. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, the City of Greater Sudbury, and Science North provided the conference funding.

Conference Program


Laurentian University aims to organize and assemble an inter-disciplinary research team with delineated research and budgetary plans to systematically research the key questions identified through the Sudbury Protocol Conference.

The Sudbury Protocol is proposed to have 3 parts:

Part 1: Historical documentation and verification on the Sudbury Success: Evidence will be collected and presented based on environmental improvement (the qualities of air, soil, and water), living conditions, economic development, and health status of Sudbury people over the last 40 years.

Part 2: An implemental “standard operating procedure” for rebuilding and revitalizing industrially devastated communities based on the success of Sudbury:  This will include what actual actions have been taken toward the revitalization of Sudbury and for each action step, how long it has taken? The Protocol should include the effort and time taken by Political will, Industry re-alignment, Community engagement, and Scientific solutions.

Part 3: The perceivable social, economic, scientific, and political challenges for implementing the Sudbury Protocol in other cities and regions.

Official Partners


Re-greening begins with soil amendment. Lime counteracts the acidification of the land, creating a fertile growing environment.

March 23, 2016


Concerted action by government and industry led to a monumental achievement: a reduction of 97% in sulphur dioxide emissions from the world’s largest single source.

March 23, 2016


Lakes and waterways in the Sudbury region are once again full of aquatic life.

March 23, 2016


Millions of native coniferous and deciduous saplings, shrubs and trees were planted and now contribute to the area’s renewed biodiversity.

March 23, 2016


Rock outcroppings amidst the verdant green of new saplings.

March 23, 2016


Healthy ecosystems: Sudbury celebrates its clean lakes and lush green forests.

March 23, 2016


Sudbury’s formerly barren ‘’moonscape’’…

March 23, 2016


… is restored to its natural green.

March 23, 2016