School of the Environment and Goodman School of Mines present:

Mining and the Environment International Conference

June 23th – 28th, 2019

in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The first Mining and the Environment International Conference, Sudbury’95, was over 20 years ago, with over 2000 professionals having now attended the SIX conferences in the series. The Sudbury 2019 organizing committee invite you to join us in Sudbury between June 23rd to the 28th, 2019 to participate in the 7th conference of the series.

Building on the successes of the previous Sudbury conferences, the Mining and the Environment International Conference will bring together technical experts from the industry, government and academia interested in the environmental aspects of mining. Participants are coming from around the world to address mine, land and waterways rehabilitation, biomining, waste management and related environmental protection issues.

The conference, co-hosted by Laurentian University School of the Environment, the Goodman School of Mines and the Canadian Land Reclamation Association, will be held at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. As a key component of the conference, the trade show exhibition will feature many innovative developments and displays relevant to the mining industry. The tradeshow highlights a blend of industry, association and academic exhibits from all aspects of the mining and environmental community.

The exhibition will be fully integrated with the conference activities and held in close proximity to the main meeting rooms. Located in the Alumni Hall at Laurentian University, the exhibition area will serve as a meeting place for all coffee breaks, breakfasts and an afternoon social event.

To get started download these important documents to help you enjoy the conference:

Conference Abstracts
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Day 1, June 24

Conference Abstracts
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Day 2, June 25

Conference Abstracts
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Day 3, June 26

Abstracts & Fieldtrips
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Day 4, June 26

Technical Program

June 23–27 2019
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